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Glass cone, Cirque du Soleil
Product description :

Tailor-made rotules and spiders were developped by the engineering office for this challenging project in partneship with the canadian company CPA Verre Structuel.

This glass cone is used as a rain and melted snow berrel. Water will therefore be reused within the building.

 Headquater of the Cirque du Soleil, Montreal, Canada.


Photo credits: les architectes FABG, Martin Morin, Vitreco, CPA Verre Structurel

Photos :
The glass cone is used to collect rain and snow to be reused in the building
The glass cone is...
Design, ecologic, technical and well-being for the employees
Design, ecologic,...
Global view
Global view
You can see the glass cone on the last floor
You can see the...
Inside of the glass cone. A great technical challenge SADEV managed to overcome
Inside of the glass...
S3000 spider and customized rotules design for rounded and clamped glass
S3000 spider and...
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